Friday, January 25, 2013

Hello Again

Hi Everyone!

It's so good to be back!

My kids were off school Monday, so I actually forgot to post on Tuesday. Duh. But that's okay, because I've decided to switch my blogging day to Fridays to work better with my school schedule. And yes, I finally started school this week! I feel like I've been waiting forever to get started on this. I only have classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, so I've only been one day so far because of the holiday, but I think I'm really going to enjoy it! Except for all the homework - wow! I don't remember there being so much when I did this college thing twenty-some years ago. I've probably just blocked it out, though. :)

As far as my writing, The Legend of Payne Manor is out to critique partners for what I hope will be the final round of critiques before it's ready to query - yay! Now I'm fine tuning the query, which I thought was done, but of course when I went back to fine tune I changed most everything and now it's a big mess again. Oh well, hopefully each revision makes it stronger.

I can't wait to get out there and catch up with all your blogs today. So what have I missed? What's new with you? And how is your writing coming?