Saturday, March 27, 2010

Agent Blog Wrap-Up Part I

Thanks to everyone who responded to Toss-Around Thursday and told me about the agent blogs that you frequent. I checked out your suggestions and would like to share just a few of the tidbits I discovered as I perused these blogs/websites. There were a lot of them, so I'll spread them out between today's post and Tuesday's.

Before I get started, I'd like to point out that several of you mentioned that you prefer to spend most your time on the blogs of fellow writers. I couldn't agree more! You guys are the best - I love reading about your trials, triumphs, lessons learned, and day-to-day stuff. You make me learn, laugh, sometimes cry, and always feel blessed to be part of such a wonderful community of writers/bloggers.

And now, on to the wrap-up:

Mary Kole at Mary includes her email address and invites writers to email their questions, which may be featured on the site. Her latest posts include Workshop Submissions where she gives an in-depth critique of material submitted to the workshop. I found these critiques very enlightening - a valuable read!

Rachelle Gardener at Rants & Ramblings On Life as a Literary Agent: Rachelle gives in-depth query critiques (very helpful!) and answers such questions as Should I Hire a Freelance Agent? and How Long Does the Submission Process Take?

Kathleen Ortiz at Neverending Page Turner: Kathleen's blog includes a great article on query etiquette and announces an upcoming contest (prize: an 8-minute Skype chat with Kathleen and Suzie Townsend of Fineprint Literary.) Rules for the contest will be announced March 31 - stay tuned to her blog!

Suzie Townsend at Confessions of a Wandering Heart: Suzie's blog includes a book review of The Dead Tossed Waves by Carrie Ryan and an interview with author Claudia Gray. She's also hosting a contest to award a copy of Hourglass, the third installment in Claudia Gray's Evernight series (yes, I entered the contest while I was there - I can't resist a good contest!)

Miss Snark's First Victim: I have to admit, I've heard about Miss Snark's First Victim time and time again, but I never checked it out until now. You probably know this already, but her First 25 Words Critique, where writers submit the first 25 words of their manuscripts and others comment on them, is very cool - a must read.

Janet Reid: Janet includes a query letter checklist and tackles such topics as Are You Ready to Query? and How to Send an Electronic Query for a Novel.

I hope you guys have a few minutes to check out these blogs, and thanks again for everyone's awesome suggestions!


sarahjayne smythe said...

That's a great list of agent blogs. Thanks for the links.:)

Talli Roland said...

Thanks for the round-up! I've been to most of them and they are extremely useful.

Happy weekend!

Joanne said...

Thanks for the list. They're a great resource for writing info!

Sharon Mayhew said...

Great post, Susan! Lots of helpful links and great descriptions of their blogs...

KarenG said...

Glad to see you included my suggestion-- kidlit!

Old Kitty said...


Oooh thanks for this roundup! Very handy to have.

Ms Snark still scares me but kudos to her for keeping writers on their toes with her competitions and critiquing!

Take care

Susan Fields said...

You're welcome, everyone! You guys probably already know all this stuff, but I've never made a concerted effort to check out agent blogs before - there really is some great information out there.

KarenG - yes, Kidlit was one of my absolute favorites, thanks for the suggestion!

Old Kitty - now that I've found Miss Snark, I suppose I'll have to enter one of her competitions. Yikes!

Myrna Foster said...

I didn't think to mention Miss Snark, and she's great. I'm glad someone else did. Thanks, Susan!

Jackee said...

Great list and I couldn't agree more--they're all so helpful, especially when one is first starting out.

Thanks for the round-up!

Theresa Milstein said...

I sent a query to Query Shark, but she hasn't posted it yet. Either she gets too many or mine is fine (HA!).

Susan Fields said...

Myrna - yes, Ms. Snark is great, I really enjoyed her site.

Jackee - you're very welcome - I'm hoping this is all helpful to someone besides me!

Theresa - Can you believe I hadn't even heard of Query Shark before your comment? I think I have my head under a rock sometimes. Anyway, it will be on the next list!

Tess said...

this is a lot of work you've put together here, Susan. thanks!

Susan Fields said...

Tess - can you believe it? A blog post that required actual research (not one of my favorite things, but sometimes it's just gotta be done!) :)