Monday, March 1, 2010

The Truth Revealed!

The time has come to reveal which of my seven "facts" is actually true. Most of them had at least a grain of truth, which I will explain as we go along.

#1 - When I was young, I had two pet iguanas named Cheyenne and Rufus. FALSE. Growing up, we had two cats, a dog, assorted guinea pigs, fish, and birds, but no iguanas.

#2 - I skipped second grade. FALSE. Okay, not even a grain of truth to that one.

#3 - The first book I ever wrote was about alien body snatchers from the planet Xydor. FALSE. The first book I ever wrote was about aliens from the planet Botchula, but they didn't snatch any bodies.

#4 - I was once suspended from middle school for taking part in a cafeteria food fight. FALSE. I did once get sent to the principal's office in elementary school for taking part in a cafeteria food fight.

#5 - I was once the editor of my high school newspaper. FALSE. I didn't even write for my high school newspaper, though I did write for my middle school newspaper.

#6 - I once sang "On the Good Ship Lollipop" in my school talent show. TRUE. In sixth grade, two friends and I performed "On the Good Ship Lollipop" for my elementary school talent show. We called ourselves Shirley and the Temples. I was our frontman, Shirley. I can't sing at all, so I really don't know what we were thinking.

#7 - I went to high school with Gillian Anderson who played Dana Scully on the X-Files. FALSE. Though she did move to my hometown, Grand Rapids, Michigan, when she was 11, and we were born in the same year. So we could have gone to school together, but we didn't.

Thanks so much to everyone who played along, and congratulations to Old Kitty and Niki, who both guessed correctly!


Anonymous said...

*woohoo* haha well done you Shirley Temple!! Did you have the blonde ringlets to go with it?

Susan Fields said...

No, my hair is dark brown and straight as can be. I'm sure I didn't wear a wig, but maybe my mom curled it. I can't believe we don't even have any pictures of it, though I'm sure I'd cringe if I saw them. :)

Old Kitty said...


Awwwww I love that name Shirley and the Temples! Did you have a little dance routine as well? Oh now you see you lot should re-group again! Go on.... you know it makes sense!


Take care

Susan Fields said...

Old Kitty - yes, we did a dance routine and everything, I can even remember parts of it. Too bad we can't regroup though, I haven't seen those girls in decades!

Wendy (aka quillfeather). said...

How gorgeous! Shirley and Temples... love it :)

Shannon O'Donnell said...

These were some fun lies. I wouldn't have guessed the lollipop one to be the truth! :-)

Susan Fields said...

Shannon - when I read these to my husband, the first thing he said was "That 'Good Ship Lollipop' one sounds like a lie." He was trying to say I shouldn't use it because everyone would know right away it was a lie. Oh, the things we do when we're young and foolish!

Wendy - I can't imagine where we came up with that idea or that name. Kids are so funny!

Sharon Mayhew said...

I can so see you on stage singing (not)! I love the group name.

Susan Fields said...

Sharon - I know! I can't believe I ever did that, that is so NOT me. I guess I was a little more adventurous when I was young.

Jackee said...

Now you have to post a youtube video of you singing the song. Strictly for our viewing pleasure, you understand. LOL!

Susan Fields said...

Jackee - I wish I had a video, I'd love to see it myself! I'm not sure they even had video cameras back then, and if they did, my parents didn't own one. We don't even have pictures!